Hot debut

S.M. The Ballad – Hot Times

Good-bye stage

Girls’ Generation – Hoot
U-Kiss – Shut Up

Comeback stage

Sistar – Over + How Dare You

Hot stage

KARA – Jumping
PSY – Right Now
Orange Caramel – A~ing

WINTER Special stage

BEAST – Beautiful

New Song

Untouchable ft. Vasco – To Make a Fuzz
Byul – It Hurts Today
Yurisangja – Break Up


2AM – Like Crazy
Oh Won Bin ft. Miryo – I Love You And I Love You
Chun G – Stay


Co-ed – Too Late + Bbibribbom Bbebribbom
VNT – Sound
Bobby Kim ft. Double K – You Aren’t The Only One

Emotion in Music

Kim Jang Hoon – Like Rain Like Music
Buzz ft. SeeYa’s Lee Boram – I Don’t Like Girls


Comeback Stage

December – Dazzling Tears

Special Stage

Kim Jang Hoon – Like Rain and Music
Kim Jang Hoon + Oh Jong Hyuk + Jinho + Jinwoon + Junsu – Love Love Love

Today’s Music Bank

VNT – Sound
Sunday Brunch – 10 Won
Deevine – Propose
Touch – Me
Norazo’s Lee Hyuk – Calling You
Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever
Woo Joo (ft. Kim Mi Yeon) – Happy Together
Seo Young Eun – You Melt My Heart
Seo In Gook – My Baby U
NS Yoon Ji – Just Dance
miss A – Breathe
Supreme Team – Then Then Then
Rainbow – Mach
Lim Jeong Hee – Would Never Be Real
U-Kiss – Shut Up
SG Wannabe – Sunflower
2AM – You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls
2PM – I’ll Be Back
Girls’ Generation – Hoot + No.1

Kim Jang Hoon + Oh Jong Hyuk + Jinho + Jinwoon + Junsu – Waiting Room
Girls’ Generation + SG Wannabe – Waiting Rooom
K-Chart 11-3
K-Chart 20-11




Song: Show

Artist: Kim Jang Hoon & CNBlue

Performance @ SBS Inki Gayo

Date: 31/01/2010

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Duration: 03:58

Size: 409.84MB


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