Special Stage

2AM’s JinWoon & ChangMin, ShiNee’s Key, OJ Caramel’s Lizzy, T-ara’s SoYeon, and Sistar’s HyoRin – Trot Songs

Comeback Specials

Seo In Young – Into The Rhythm
IU – Good Day
After School – Love Love Love

Take 7

Kara – Jumping + Encore
2AM – You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls

Hot Music

December – Yell to the World
T-ara – Ya Ya Ya
Sistar – How Dare You
YDG – Bandolier
S.M. The Ballad – Hot Times
Norazo – Rock Star
Baek Ji Young – That Woman
Tim – Unneccesary Words
Lyn – Snowstorm of Love
JJ – Ppang
Soul Harmony – If In Love…
Dong Yoon – Time Don’t Go Away
GP Basic – I’ll Be There
B.Dolls – Disco Town
Untouchable – Crazy Blues

MC Cut


Comeback stage

KARA – Burn + Jumping
BEAST – Beautiful
Orange Caramel – A~ing
Buzz (ft. Venny) – Hate Women

Hot stage

Girls’ Generation – Hoot
2NE1 – It’s Hurt


VNT – Noise
Oh Won Bin (ft. 4MINUTE’s HyunA) – I Love You and I Love You

who is that GIRL?!

GP Basic – I’ll Be There
HAM – So Sexy

After Break Up / 이별 후 愛

2AM – Like Crazy
SuKi – My Heart Won’t Let Me
Sunday Brunch – Ten Won

New Song

HwangBo – I’m Still Pretty
Ab Avenue – Women Know
Deevine – Propose
Miho – Wait For You


Comeback Specials

FT Island – Baby Love + Love Love Love
Sistar – Shady Girl

New Release

Narsha – Mamma Mia

Take 7

BoA – Hurricane Venus + Win + Encore
SHINee – Lucifer
Secret – Madonna
Homme – Still Eating Well

Hot Music

SE7EN – Digital Bounce
Taeyang – I’ll Be There
Supernova – On Days I Missed You
Eru – White Tears
Black List – Stop
Jo Sung Mo – Wanna Cheat On You
Gil Me (ft. Lee Hyun) – Sorry, Because I Love You
Nine Muses – No Playboy
GP Basic – Game

Fresh Music

G.NA – Supa Solo
An Jin Kyoung (ft. H-Eugene) – Love is Pitiful
TOA – Loving You More

FT Island – Interview
SE7EN – Copyright Song
MC Cuts (Sulli + Yonghwa + Jokwon)


Comeback Stage

Eru – White Tears
Supernova – On Days That I Missed You

Hot Stage

BoA – Hurricane Venus
Se7en – Better Together
Tae Yang – I’ll be there
Son Dam Bi – Queen
Secret – Madonna

SUMMER Special Stage

Rainbow – A
Infinite – She’s Back

The GREAT Harmony

Homme – I Ate Well
Double K – Playa Love
G.NA ft. Mario – I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better

Volume Up Stage

DJ DOC – I’m This Person
Chae Yeon – Look Look Look
Hong Jin Young – My Love

New Song

Nine Muses – No Playboy
GP basic – Game
Navi – Listen to the End

***U-Kiss – The Smoke Free Song
***MC Cut