Comeback Stage

Seo In Young – Into The Rhythm
IU – Star On That Night + Good Day

Today’s Music Bank

JUNU – Keep The Faith
Mtiful Day – Love Potion
VNT – Sound
Miho – I’ll Be Here For You
Chun G – Stay
Gavy NJ – Pick Up The Phone
JJ – PPang
Untouchable – Crazy Blues
Sistar – How Dare You
Lisa ft. Brian – We Can Be Friends
Younha – Please Take Care Of My Boyfriend
After School – Someone is You
Yurisangja – Break Up
S.M. The Ballad – Miss You
Tim – Words Not Manly Enough
T-ara – YaYaYa
LYn – A Blizzard of Love
2AM – You Wouldn’t Anwser My Calls
KARA – Jumping + No.1


Hot debut

S.M. The Ballad – Hot Times

Good-bye stage

Girls’ Generation – Hoot
U-Kiss – Shut Up

Comeback stage

Sistar – Over + How Dare You

Hot stage

KARA – Jumping
PSY – Right Now
Orange Caramel – A~ing

WINTER Special stage

BEAST – Beautiful

New Song

Untouchable ft. Vasco – To Make a Fuzz
Byul – It Hurts Today
Yurisangja – Break Up


2AM – Like Crazy
Oh Won Bin ft. Miryo – I Love You And I Love You
Chun G – Stay


Co-ed – Too Late + Bbibribbom Bbebribbom
VNT – Sound
Bobby Kim ft. Double K – You Aren’t The Only One

Emotion in Music

Kim Jang Hoon – Like Rain Like Music
Buzz ft. SeeYa’s Lee Boram – I Don’t Like Girls


Comeback Stage

Younha – One Shot
SG Wannabe – You’re My Everything + Sunflower
PSY – Stay Up Tonight + In My Eyes + Right Now
2PM – I’ll Be Back

Today’s Music Bank

Chun G – Stay
NS YoonJi (ft. Maboos) – Dance
Jiggy Dogg – Have Been
Sun Woo (ft. 4men’s Kim Won Joo) – Eyes Nose Mouth
Norazo’s Lee Hyuk – Calling You
Nine Muses – Ladies
Outsider (ft. LMNOP) – Hero
Chae Yeon – Ma Lover
Co-ed – Too Late
Rainbow – Mach
Supreme Team – Then Then Then
Ga In – Irreversible
SE7EN – I’m Going Crazy
U-Kiss – Shut Up
BEAST – Breath
SHINee – Hello

PSY – Waiting Room