Hot debut

S.M. The Ballad – Hot Times

Good-bye stage

Girls’ Generation – Hoot
U-Kiss – Shut Up

Comeback stage

Sistar – Over + How Dare You

Hot stage

KARA – Jumping
PSY – Right Now
Orange Caramel – A~ing

WINTER Special stage

BEAST – Beautiful

New Song

Untouchable ft. Vasco – To Make a Fuzz
Byul – It Hurts Today
Yurisangja – Break Up


2AM – Like Crazy
Oh Won Bin ft. Miryo – I Love You And I Love You
Chun G – Stay


Co-ed – Too Late + Bbibribbom Bbebribbom
VNT – Sound
Bobby Kim ft. Double K – You Aren’t The Only One

Emotion in Music

Kim Jang Hoon – Like Rain Like Music
Buzz ft. SeeYa’s Lee Boram – I Don’t Like Girls


Hot Stage

Girls’ Generation – Hoot
2NE1 – It’s Hurt

Special Stage

Kim Jang Hoon – Like Rain Like Music
VNT – Sound


Bobby Kim + Double K – You Couldn’t Be The Only One
Outsider ft. LMNOP – Hero
Co-ed – Bbiribbom Bberibbom

Love is…

SG Wannabe – Sunflower
Supreme Team – Then Then Then
Beige ft. December DK – Falling in Love With…

who is that GIRL?!

Rainbow – A + Mach
Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever

이별 후

VOS – You Flow From Me
2AM – Like Crazy
December – Dazzling Tears

New Song

Oh Won Bin (ft. Miryo) – I love You and I Lo…
Woo Joo ft. 김미연 – Happy Together
GP Basic – I’ll Be There

KARA – Comeback Teaser


Comeback Stage

Eru – White Tear

Today’s Music Bank

D-NA – Nobody Anybody…
Navi – Just Listen
Sung Eun – Loving Is All For Naught
Black List – Stop
JQT – You Don’t Need To Know
Nine Muses – No Playboy
Seo In Gook – My Baby U
Bobby Kim – Lonely Man
Supernova – Longing For The Day
Hong Jin Young – My Love
Jang Yoon Jung – Olleh
Rainbow – A
Hwan Hee – Love…
Homme – Still Eating Well
Jo Sung Mo – Wanna Cheat On You
Son Dam Bi – Queen
SE7EN – Better Together
DJ DOC – Look! Here I Am!
Secret – Madonna
SHINee – Waiting Room + Lucifer + Encore with BoA
BoA – Interview + Hurricane Venus + Win + Encore

Homme + BoA – Interview
Rainbow + Secret – Waiting Room


Legend of stage

BoA – Hurricane Venus
SE7EN – Better Together

Hot stage

Taeyang – I Need A Girl
2PM – Without U
SHINee – Lucifer
Son Dam Bi – Queen

Girls’ Power

After School – Bang!
f(x) – NU ABO

TROT queens

Jang Yoon Jung – Olleh
Hong Jin Young – Sweet

Rising Star

Infinite – Come Back Again
Sistar – Push Push

Volume Up stage

Norazo – Curry
One Two – Very Good
Bobby Kim – Loner

Comeback stage

Rainbow – A
Secret – Madonna

Goodbye stage

miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

** MC Cut