Comeback stage

JooSuc (주석) – Pop N Drop

HOT debut

G.NA – Leaving So You Can Live Better (꺼져 줄게 잘 살아)

Hot stage

Taeyang – I need a girl
Son Dam Bi – Queen
miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
4Minute – I My Me Mine

SUMMER Special stage

OneTwo – Very Good
Aurora – 따따블(remix ver.)

New Song

f(x) – Mr. Boogie
B2Y – Be Crazy (미쳐 버리게)

Volume up stage

Sistar – Push Push
Kan Mi Yeon – Crazy (미쳐가)
Double K – Favorite Music


Sook Hee (feat. T-ara’s HyoMin) – One Love
Young Gun – I Have to Let You Go (너를 보내 줘야 한다)
TOA i.e. “Top of Asia” – Because I Love You More (더 사랑하니까)
Infinite – Come Back Again (다시 돌아와)

*MC Cuts (Tiffany & Yuri)