Kpopaholic is a site sharing all MVs, albums, HD performances and any stuff of K-Pop for free!

We also translate some K-Pop show into Vietnamese!

Kpopaholic does not host any files. We only contain links to other sites such as,, etc.

And Kpopaholic is not responsible for the copyright or legality of the content of other linked sites.

Administrators: Nirayer and Azzurri

Debuted: Jan 28th 2010!  ^^

19 Responses to “About”

  1. MrZhu Says:

    chỉnh lại cai about di nè 😛

  2. Kaori Says:

    so simple!
    thanks for sharing & subbing f.o
    nice to meet u!

  3. Devjl Says:

    have a nice feeling about subteam who seems to work in silence just for the love for kpop
    really support

  4. siconeti Says:

    thanks for sharing

  5. lola Says:

    heyyy can u please upload snsd Gee mv lg logo u uploaded snsd Oh lg logo can upload snsd Gee lg logo please im beging u guys anyone pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  6. redred Says:

    First of all, Thx for your sharing.
    if any, would u mind providing full show in HD verion1080i.^__^

  7. lala Says:

    mấy bạn có thể cho mình bik cách nào để lấy link các show giải trí của Hàn quốc hem???mình muốn down show nguyên bản, ko sub mà hem bik kiếm ở đâu hết, dc mấy bạn chỉ mình zoi. ^^

  8. Bé Cóc Says:

    Cám ơn các bạn đã chia sẻ cho cộng động những MV cực nét.
    Mình thấy các bạn cũng làm sub rất chuẩn, sao các bạn không tiếp tục phát huy với những MV và những show khác???
    Mình rất thích xem, nhưng tiếc là mình ko hiểu gì hết…Nếu các bạn sub cho thì tuyệt biết mấy.
    Cám ơn các bạn.

  9. K Says:

    THANK YOU for sharing.

  10. ngngthuy Says:

    thanks you for sharing
    your is great

  11. Fated~ Says:

    hmmm thanks for the uploads but can i knw where can i get those LG sponser videos?~

  12. jeff38 Says:

    your site is great…so cool

  13. proideath Says:

    Mình đang muốn thiết kế 1 blog và thấy kpophalic rất đẹp, admin có thể chỉ giúp mình theme mà bạn dùng ko?

  14. MIW Says:

    thankYou so much.

  15. ragerage21 Says:

    A big thank you to all the hardwork in uploading the performances, it indeed does take time.
    Really, really appreciate the hardwork.

    Hwaiting guys!! ^_^

  16. yong Says:

    do anyone know where to download son dam bi HD old performances ?

  17. aboyseed Says:

    thanks a lot.

  18. man211 Says:

    Is this site removed? Anyone can advise please, thanks

  19. Edwin Says:

    you stopped to update ?? too bad =(
    any website you can recommend to us ??

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